Importance of Quality Content – Content is King

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Why You Want Good Article Content

Content is King

Quick non researched content writing has made the rounds with most websites. Then down the road writers realize; doing this doesn’t represent the content or author in the best possible way. That brings me to the phrase “content is king“, I’m sure it’s not a stranger to your ears. Guess what? It’s true.

Quality in article writing is your calling card. This complex but simple action lets people know what you are up to. Your visitor isn’t going to enjoy your personal website design if the content is shallow, they might even think why did the author bother.

Second, If you are trying to grow your website you risk the chance that Google will just pass you by. Your ranking won’t be anything to write home about, unless of course, you have picked keywords that have zero competition. Be honest, how often does that happen?

If you think about why you are writing you will find the most important issue with content writing relates directly to the reader. Wanting them to read the whole article which in turn helps them find the solution. This is a fairly simple concept but seems to elude many.

Also just as important, is getting to where the call to action is located. Wiithout this small detail you are just another information blog. Call to action helps the reader gain access to different information solutions along with product solutions. If you don’t have a version of the below red button you are missing out.


To help a reader get through the complete article and feel satisfied:

  • I have to understand who will be looking for my information and why. What problem am I helping them fix.
  • I need to write in a simple style where anyone can understand what I am talking about.
  • I have to make sure my navigation is clear and clean so they will want to take the next step through the site.
  • I don’t want them to just read the page they are on. How can I propel them further into the information?

Clearly my main focus with online content should be my reader, the people.

Quality content will not let your reader down, that is why content is still king.

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