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Treating your website the way we would our own makes creating your website a personal experience.  Your websites will be search engine optimized and have a professional web design with excellent eye appeal.

Web Design

When you choose to use Bampfield Designs, you will have choices from elegant to simple but very informative comprehensive websites. Designed sites so that you and your customer have your needs met.

Bampfield Designs Services

With B.P.D as your designer you have a wide range of possibilities:

  • WordPress Platform
  • Easy navigation for you and your customers
  • Creative Web Themes and Designs
  • Header
  • Optimized Original Content
  • Contact Form
  • WordPress Training
  • Music & Video options
  • E Store options


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Web Maintenance

We all know that google loves fresh content so having a maintenance plan in place is a good idea. You have invested your time and resources to create a website, now you have to keep it updated. You will need to show new products and content keeping your site competive in your niche or market.

It doesn’t matter what type of online businessyou have, you will always have website maintenance. Safeguarding your investment is important.

  • Adding/Deleting/Updating site products
  • Adding site specials, coupons, etc. to attract new customers
    Bampfield Designs Support
  • Removing and replacing date sensitive information (eg concerts, retreats, seminars)
  • Removing and correcting broken links to internal and external sites
  • Replacing and updating images
  • Updating content on blogs
  • Updating images and video

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